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Interwar Bucharest in a vintage car

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Until the second half of the 19th century, Bucharest was described by foreign travelers as a strange mixture of Oriental and West European influences, since Bucharest was under the Ottoman Empire control for almost two hundred years and at that time only carriages entered the city.  In less than a century, the city became the state capital and it flourished as one of the most beautiful Southeast European cites. The first decades of the 20th century represent the Golden age of Bucharest, when it was known as “Little Paris”. The first cars to roam around its gas illumined streets were the Ford T models. Their owners were extravagant people, boyars educated in Paris, Vienna or Berlin. These high class people entered in contact with the new inventions, as the car, in the main capitals of Europe. Important to mention is that in Bucharest were two famous car repairing ateliers: Atelier Leonida and Atelier Ciclop.

Unfortunately, the city lost most of its old glamour and pre-war beauty during the destructive and oppressive communist regime which ruled the country for fifty years and ordered the demolition of several parts of the old city districts. Despite all that, our vintage ride in a vintage car in Bucharest offers a dazzling blend of different eras – grey buildings from Nicolae Ceausescu’s period, beautiful French palaces inspired by French architecture, 21st century glass and steel office buildings or remains of medieval churches.

PRICE INCLUDES: transport and certified national guide.

Entrance fees not included.

Photo stops and historical presentation at the Military Academy on request.

A ride of the “belle epoch” in Bucharest

Travelling by a vintage car in Romania’s 500 years old capital is the exquisite way to learn about its rich history and take in different architectural styles in the company of a connoisseur of its flavored stories and enjoy a unique atmosphere. To turn to the belle epoch is a lifestyle choice and Bucharest, “Little Paris” offers you an unforgettable car ride.

The route is mainly an  old one crossing the midst of Bucharest, passing by its most elegant buildings: classic style ones and others high geometrical constructions of the mid of the 20th century. The main boulevards crossing Bucharest were unique in Europe being designed by appreciated French and German architects.

Magheru, Balcescu and Lascar Catargiu avenues, named after important political personalities of the interwar period, and Victoria avenue preserve the touch of the belle époque.

When one needed to either impress a lady, or to buy a hat from the shop of the famous French hatter Jobain near Krezulescu Church  (while the hat was named afterwards “joben”) or to go to the theater,  this meant to take your personal luxury car and  invite some friends for the ride in order to be seen, to impress, to show the “joie de vivre”.