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Unique Romanian experiences – The Muddy Volcanoes

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 Morning – 8 o’clock

 Departure from Bucharest to Ploieşti. Visit the Ghighiu Monastery, one of the most famous monasteries in Prahova. Learn about the Romanian main religion: romanian orthodoxism; monastic life in general, the Monastery of Ghighiu in particular.        

After that visit, taste the quality of Urlati hills wines and not only, and let yourself treated with delicious snacks prepared by the host. Urlati Cellars is near Urlati – Ploiesti, Prahova, just 18km from the hill Mare Winery belongs Halewood. History says that the mansion belonged to the squire Urlăţeanu that the built in 1922 atop the hill in the middle of vineyards on the outskirts Urlăţiului. The whole atmosphere makes you think at times interwar.

Continue the trip to the Muddy Vulcanoes, in the north hills of Buzău Country. A multitude of cones of different sizes from solid clay comes into sight. Their craters are full with fluid ceramic mixture which, flat for a moment or two, unexpectedly swallows and pushes the remains of our planet’s “primordial soup”.

Bubbling day and night from immemorial times, releasing the pressure of the oil gas coming from the bowels of earth underneath, the whole area is permanently changing as our world does.

PRICE INCLUDES: transport and certified national guide. entrance fees at Ghighiu Monastery, Urlaţi Cellars (wine tasting and lunch) and Muddy Volcanoes.

Photo tax not included.

The sacred fire

Enjoy the  Holy Water from a very special Spring with magic healing powers as the community of monks and people living in the surrounding villages strongly believe in.

The famous icon of ” Syriac” Virgin Mary attract crowds to the Monastery Ghighiu. On holidays and Sundays, rows of cars to Ploieşti stretch on for miles. It’s a special icon, disturbing and powerful. From every corner you look at it, looks like Lady follows you with her eyes crying, heavy with grief and suddenly, without understand exactly what is happening, you’ll not feel alone any longer. Miraculous icon from Ghighiu is unique, at least because it is one of the few representations of the Virgin Mary in Orthodoxism, terribly saddened by the suffering of the Son and of the sins of men. Down, at the base of the neck (after an old athonit fashion), it is displayed the infinite array of gold chains and rings as a sign of gratitude and appreciation for all the wonders committed by compassion and prayers of the Blessed Virgin. 

Geologists recognize that name “ volcanoes” was given more for the artistic impression. In fact, from muddy volcanoes do not erupt hot magma, but a muddy sediment as cold as possible. That does not reduce neither the strange atmosphere or the importance: in world are known about a thousand such phenomena, but are very rare in Europe and Romania – a true natural geological museum – can boasts with the only miniature muddy volcanoes in Europe . 

There are many stories about this place that is still frightens the locals. One of them says that the earth cracked and dry seems like the skin of a dragon hidden in the bowels of the earth, and the mesh in continual boiling would be blood that comes out dirty because of the cursed beast. Slower, history reminds us that the Muddy Volcanoes in Buzau were noted first in 1867 by the Frenchman H. Cognard with the occasion of petroleum exploration. Declared a nature reserve in 1924, Muddy Volcanoes have been included in the national and European register since 1995.