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The Danube Delta Experience

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A one-day trip to experience bonding with nature, enter a unique territory – the Danube Delta, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. The waters of Danube River, which flows into the Black Sea, form the second largest and best preserved Europe’s deltas. It hosts more than 300 species of birds and 45 fish species in its numerous lakes and marshes.

Bucharest (departure at 7 o’clock),  Tulcea, embark on a speed boat to explore the Danube Delta –  Sulina channel, through Partizani, Maliuc, Gorgova, CrisanDunarea Veche channel, Obretin Lake, lunch available on the 3stars floating  hotel ”St. Constantin”. Return on Dunarea Veche  channel, through Mila 23 village, Olguta channel, Furtuna Lake, Baclanesti Lake, Sontea channel, Nebunul Lake, Mila 36 channel, Tulcea Harbour,  Bucharest. (14 hours).

Included Services: transport by car and speed boat, certified natonal guide, lunch on the floating hotel St.Constantin.

Facts and figures about Sulina Arm

Sulina Arm, the shortest of the three arms of Danube River, stretches some 42 miles from Tulcea to Sulina. Although it only carries 18 percent of the total water flow, Sulina is the main navigation route for passenger and commercial traffic. Between 1880 and 1902, a canal was dug to facilitate river traffic, shortening the natural course of Sulina arm, allowing an easier access to villages in the Delta.

English engineers measured the course of the Danube in miles, starting with mile 0 in Sulina on the Black Sea coast. Hence, 23 miles inland, you will find Mila 23 Village, a traditional fishermen settlement, founded by the Lipoveni, descendants of the Russian refugees who fled from religious persecution in the early 18th century.

Furtuna Lake, one of the region’s largest lakes, lies north of Maliuc (15 miles East from Tulcea), one of the Delta’s most recent settlements. In summer, Furtuna Lake hosts numerous pairs of swans, moor hens, wild ducks and white pelicans.